What To Do With Your Pool During Freezing Temperatures


It’s that time of year.  Freezing weather in the near forecast.

Tips on how to get through the FREEZE with minimal to NO issues with your pool equipment and plumbing.

Every Cactus Pool Designs built pool comes with built-in freeze protection. Freeze protection is programmed in your control panel and the pool/spa/water features will come on when the air temperature reads between 34-36 degrees and run until the temperature goes above that reading.

NOTE: If you have a spa, the freeze protection will rotate between pool and spa every 20-30 minutes.

If Cactus Pool Designs DID NOT build your pool, you need to make sure that all equipment is running while the temperature is below freezing. Make sure to open all manual valves to water features like bubblers, slides, waterfalls, etc.



Moving water will not freeze! PLEASE verify that your pool is circulating and skimmers are clean.


DO NOT PUT BLANKETS OR TARPS DIRECTLY ON YOUR PUMPS OR VALVES. Over the pipes is fine, but, NEVER over the pumps or valves.  It is important that the pumps get the air circulation they need and the valves are free to function as they are programmed without any obstruction or restrictions.

DO NOT USE HEAT LAMPS AT THE EQUIPMENT PAD as it may cause the temp sensor to shut off freeze protection when you need it the most!




Follow these directions to freeze protect your pool equipment in the event of power failure.

  • Turn all the breakers to the pool equipment to the OFF
  • Open the lid to all pumps with lids and drain the pump by removing the drain plugs at the bottom.
  • Take the plugs out of ALL of the pumps. These plugs are generally at the side or front of the pump bowl. Filter pump, water feature pump, cleaner pump…. ALL OF THE PUMPS. Put the plugs into the pump basket.
  • If you have a chlorinator, ozone, or mineral system, remove lids on the system, find the plug on them and remove and add to the pump basket.
  • Drain your cartridge filter by opening your air relief at the top by the gauge and removing the drain plug on the bottom.
  • If you have a sand filter with a multiport valve (If you backwash your filter, you have this) place the lever on top to winterize.
  • All heaters will have a drain plug. Usually below the plumbing in and out of the heater. Remove the plug and the water in your heater will drain out. Place ALL plugs in pump basket.
  • Any other equipment you may have on your equipment pad treat the same way.

If you have an automatic water leveler (auto-fill) to your hose bib, make sure you turn the source water off and insulate the pipe going in the ground.

When the power returns, just put everything back together and let the freeze protection handle it. Or wait until the temperature rises above freezing and put it all back together.

REMEMBER – It’s always better to have the water circulating in freezing temperatures.


If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to call us!!