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Custom Pools of every shape and size from soaking to competitive is the next step in yard evolution. Cactus Pools have been an integral part of modernizing the Tyler and East Texas’ backyard living space.

Each custom design is hand-sculpted in the minds of our customers and brought to life by our skilled craftsmen. We transform your outdoor space into a personal experience for you and your loved ones.

Cactus Custom Pools of Tyler is not just a pool company that builds your pool then promptly forgets about you. Instead, after completing your custom pool, we stand behind our builds with maintenance and quality service.

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Vanishing Edge Custom Pool

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your new Tyler custom swimming pool, you might consider incorporating a vanishing edge. Sometimes called “infinity swimming pools,” this pool design feature adds an extra element of surprise to any backyard living environment. Not just any pool builder in Tyler can construct an infinity edge or vanishing edge pool. Cactus Pools have the experience and the trusted know-how to complete your dream of owning a top-of-the-line vanishing edge pool.
Freeform & Natural Pool Design
Perfect for an irregularly-shaped backyard space or a more organic appearance, the freeform or natural shape swimming pool is a popular choice. Freeform or organic shaped pools are great for families with children of all ages since they can easily incorporate various water features and depths. Cactus pools can custom design and execute your natural shaped pool to match the shape and contours of your existing space. Our experience in creating luxurious backyard swimming pools helps us quickly complete your dream pool.

Spas & water features for your Custom Pool

Today’s pool owner has many choices in customizing their pool. Aside from the primary design considerations that include the shape and size of the pool and style of decking, owners can incorporate a spa or special lighting effects. Many choose to have in-water loungers, which you may learn more about HERE. We are the area’s only Ledge Lounger Dealer, which allows us to offer a superior selection of pool furniture and accessories. Because there are so many choices to be made in designing a modern custom swimming pool, you need to know your budget and the purpose of your pool features. For example, a pool designed for a refreshing dip on a hot summer day has different requirements than a pool for swimming laps.

Geometric Pools and Lap Pools

The classic geometric pool can perfectly fit those new homeowners looking for a traditional swimming pool design. To modernize the custom design aspect of these classic shapes, these pools may often incorporate a vanishing edge or other elegant custom pool design features. Usually rectangular, these pools make excellent lap pools for those looking to exercise in their new backyard swimming pool. In addition, geometric pool placement and construction are among our many specialties.

Traditional & Formal Pools

These classic swimming pools are perfect for the pool owner looking for a relaxing experience with more than a touch of elegance. These swimming pools are ideal for water features, a vanishing edge, an adjacent outdoor kitchen, or a pool house with Cabana. You might also consider a wading pool or shallow water feature to enhance the formal aspect of your back garden. Short drop waterfalls can be added to infuse the space with the calming sound of water gently splashing.